Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Year's Eve Wedding

NYE is always a day I look forward to. In Ecuador, it is the most important day of the year. Many traditions, superstitions, visions and transitions hinge on it. It was January 2nd, 2007 that Katie and I left Ecuador. It was January 2nd, 2006 that I decided I wasn't going to be a tool of a certain contingent of well-meaning, noxious friends anymore.

This year was no less significant. In the realm of personal mind-shifts, those close to me would probably be able to identify some. As far as Great Parties and Great Changes, Chelsey and Clayton's wedding takes the (post-modern) cake.Gary in the back, Carol-Ann, Bethany, Emily, Meaghan Eva, Fred, Paul and Devin around Chelsey and Clayton

Though initially skeptical about the whole idea, not THEIR marriage, but marriage as an institution, I have been converted to recognize the beauty of a simple promise, and a powerful union. If the wedding wer simple a lavish party to celebrate the fact that Chels and Clayt are together, it would have been worth it. But I think the most moving part for me, and others, was the ceremony (I didn't see that coming, not even at the rehearsal).

It was just such a thunderbolt. Clayton's father did a wonderful job. Every time he was dangerously close to tears he would pause, press a smile, first with his lips then push it into his eyes, then shake his head. Apparently it worked for him, but it made me want to to weep every time, because the emotion was just released into the crowd. The vows went smoothly, with Carol-Ann tearing up gently to my side, but something snapped (according to accounts) in Chelsey first, and then in Clayton (spactacularily), Fred, Eva and others during the giving of the rings. The rest of the promise-making after that was just throbbing with environmental emotion, and you didn't know which surge would send whose sobs into overdrive.

Oh, but it was SO GOOD! Who knew that a promise could mean so much! Who would have predicted that stating the obvious could wake such feelings! Who could have given so much meaning to those words we have heard too many times, tarnished and polluted by usage and by sarcasm... only C + C. So, thanks guys. For that. And for what is to come.

I had fun.
Bethany and Paul heading off to the party


DanieLucas said...

wow dime cual e sla novia, te ves despanpanente, ahora ya no puedo decir que Paul es puerco:P

Kent said...

What a beautiful post. I especially liked this sentence

" I have been converted to recognize the beauty of a simple promise, and a powerful union."

That is a great insight. Only because of that does the ceremony become meaningful. I find that after 26 years of Barbara and I keeping our promise and strengthening our union, the beauty grows and grows!

Polythene Pam said...

you look stunning.