Sunday, December 02, 2007


This weekend I: -Did not leave the house -Watched two cars pop their tires on the curb, two run into stationary objects, many slip around in circles, and one girl wipe out on her moped scooter. Icy roads. -Wrote 20 pages, double spaced, size 12 font. Half in English, half in Spanish. -Watched a few episodes of Kenny vs. Spenny. -Banished my rats to the kitchen, twice, so their nocturnal habits would stop driving me mad. -Cooked a couple times -Showered I think I deserve to go to bed before midnight.


katie said...

This weekend, I:
-Did NOT have a shower
-Spent most of my time outside the house (at the library, that is)

Mom said...

Nobody...well neither of my daughters at least...mentions EATHING any more. As a mother, this is a serious issue. Somebody in those two houses is eating my daughters' share of food this week!!!

Timothy or Lillian said...


Kent said...

I can so relate to your mom's comment. Charles is "cooking for himself" at school this year. This seems to mean that he lives on bags of generic cereal and Taco Bell. Pamela's school has a great cafeteria, so we don't worry about her.