Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Paul has gone "home" for the Holidays, and thus Christmas starts: in a few days, a long train ride, and Ontario at the end of the tracks. Ahh... --------------- I had an evening nap, fell asleep reading, and now feel a bit like being awake is pointless. Tomorrow I will feel better, right? It is pointless to persevere with today, when the more sleep, the more great the morning will be. I have a feeling I will not feel great in the morning. That is why I go upstairs now to eat a green apple, in contradiction of my baser instincts.

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Kent said...

You remind me of me as you wonder what your mood will be in the coming hours or days. I have always been very up and down, hour to hour, day to day. But when I am down, it is hard to believe I will be up again. When I am up, it is all too easy to imagine that the down days are coming. I have always envied even tempered, easy going folks. But I guess God has other plans for me.

I hope you woke up feeling good!