Monday, August 20, 2007

An afternoon alone

Do click on the pictures for bigger versions if you are too settled to go find your reading glasses. Sorry about the abundance of quotations on this blog in recent times. Truthfully, I have been thinking about a lot of other things these days ... a lot of other things besides myself I mean.

I went to the HCAP office this morning and it was staffed by Greg. I sat and wrote Clinic information on some pamphlets I was planning to take to the coffee shop, but that wasn't what resonated about the 15 minutes I was in there. Greg is an open, trusting, caring, clear-minded decided fellow. What a thing it was just to talk with him! He was very nice to me after he found out I was planning on taking some information over the Coffee shop, even as pure as he is, he still allows himself to be surprised by pleasantness. We had a nice little chat about the ideals of the clinics. He explained the importance of a blue form I might not know about as I haven't been at recent HCAP meetings, and told me how I should tell people to get it. Nothing about him is put on at all.... at all! Do you know how rare a naturally friendly person is? I mean, I live with a few of them, but out there, out there!

I have come to wonder what is so scary about people knowing how you feel about something. That you were really pleased to be invited to a spontaneous vegan dumpster Taco night. And other such examples. There is a cap on feeling, you see. You can only spend so much. And yes, I liked what this 85 year old woman had to share on CBC radio. What did I like about it? I liked that she is 85. That gives her so much more credibility. Some things fade and some gain importance as you go on. It is interesting to learn what has gained importance for someone like her. I have added her wisdom to the map with all the rest of the information on it, the map for living.

It would be kind of me to add a link:

And a thank you, Paul. It will be nice to read that book together. Thank you.

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heidi said...

i want to be where you are geographically. i think that's become a goal. where are you living when you graduate? move to portland with me. i'll freaking move to canada, i'll do it.