Saturday, July 07, 2007

Recent Developments


Paul Artson said...

Sweet developments, aside from the one frame with the weird looking bald guy. Creepy.

Christiane said...

hey those are really cool! you like, made posters! I've never seen that before :) I'll have to come over and meet your rats -what are their names?? :D

Paul Artson said...

Hey, you neglected to add a disclaimer about the falseness of that flexing picture! Blast!

katie said...

Hey, Bethany, I showed that picture to Andy and he was totally jealous of your boyfriend's musculature.

Béthany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Béthany said...

boys can be silly sometimes

B.A.S.S. (new club name proposal)

Paul Artson said...

No! Katie, come on! You know me and know that I have zero musculature. It's camera trickery. Trickery!!


Timothy or Lillian said...

hey b. everything looking good for your trip to big bad ontario? we are looking forward to seeing you here. Grandad will appreciate your company and I am sure between he and Agnes they can come up with a lot of work for you to do for DCI.

love Dad

Zachary said...

you are awesome!

What is your phone number?

Mine is 902-436-2987.

Call me.

Anonymous said...

ps. I didn't measn to be so creepy.
its zach gough

Polythene Pam said...

Woah beth, sweet creative post! I'm jealous of your skills. I just wrote you an e-mail.
Man, this time last year we were together. And I know we had no idea that this is what this summer would look like. With a boy defining the bulk of our happiest moments.
Michael and I fell in love over ping pong. Or at least in like. It gave us an easy way to talk while we were nervous and just getting to know each other, cuz if conversation lagged we could focus on the game. He kicks my butt every time. But I'm determined as well.
I guess that's enough for one comment.

Janna said...

oh Beth. gross.
i guess I could tell you how cute those rats are...but you would see through the fasaud. is that how you spell that word? i really hate rodents. maybe one day I will have to meet those friends of yours? (one sweet November day :)...did you purchase rodents so as to somehow appease your conscience after disposing of our little Caracol friend, tragically stuck in that fatal tray of glue..?!?! we were so cruel. you can blame me if you want.
miss you.

° ÐãVeØ ° said...

These are amazing! What program did you do these on? I wanna do these comics!
I miss you hun. Where are you now?
I am back in England for a few weeks.
Let me know what's up.