Sunday, June 24, 2007

Recent correspondence

We have just been at the shop opposite the internet cafe eating ice cream with Linder and his sister (Erika, second from the left). The ice cream dripped down my shirt. Tomorrow morning we leave. Nothing else changes here except that we leave and they will miss your Dad more than he cares to think. None of the poverty here changes. In some ways it gets worse and they don't notice. Everyone takes their share from the poor and they are left in the dirt and then blamed for it. I've been reading Failed States - Noam Chomsky. What a mess. We have to keep writing about it. Don't give up.

Love Gdad

Hey Grampa,

Thanks for your email from Bastión. I hope you manage to get the ice cream off of your shirt.
And thanks for your encouragement. I have been writing lately. I have been trying to find what to express, but it doesn't come easy to me, I must have lost practice.

I just don't have fictions inside of me to tell. Everything I write has really happened, and it is hard enough to believe. I wrote two pages already about the Park guys, no individuals, just the pressures and the truth behind why they occupy a certain position in society. I wrote one page about my neighbour when I was in Caracol, the woman next door who took care of her 4 grandkids for years, the daughter/mother missing in the equation was in Spain, hadn't seen the 4 year old girl since she had given birth to her, pretty much. In Spain to get money. It all seems too disconnected from reality to be non-fiction. It strikes me as so wrong.

So I wrote. But I don't know what to write about next. And I don't know if I am cut out for Creative Writing. My point is, your encouragement came at a good time. I hope you had a good two weeks there. Yes, they will miss dad, but they know how to live without him. That is part of the process of standing up and moving forwards, I think. Poverty is a monster that cannot be beat if there is only one hero.

Love, Bethany


Hey Bubber

You left a few paintings in Caracol...I like them. Can I take them home with me?

love Dad

Yea, you can take them. I didn't leave them because i didn't like them, though, just so you know. I left them because i thought they might retain some of myself in the place.


I figured that and that is why I asked you Bubber. Your influence is all over that house. Don't worry, it is ours and Uncle Paul doesn't want us to give it up so it will be ours for the foreseeable future.

You will be back B. Of that I am sure. patience.

love Dad


Timothy or Lillian said...

Hi B
i tried to call but you had already retired for the night. i will try again soon. In a nut shell, the trip was all I had hoped it would be and none of what I feared it might be. I guess I didn't get as much time with the park guys as I might have but I did go and sit there one evening and whenever I bumped into them on the street I stopped and talked. Julian, came to talk to me once. Gerald, Pedro came to say goodbye. Alexis and Titi are not doing all that well on the street but at school are stable for now.
God did some really neat things. I even got the chance to participate in a 7km run. It was an affirming time of seeing that God really had done all that work we thought he had done over the years. the church is in good shape, the school too and Block 10 encourages although patience is needed there to see where God takes the work.
love you B and I talked with Grandad about you and told him I thought you would make a wonderful journalist.
love Dad

Christiane said...

Yeah Beth for sure! Put me down, I'm comin' home tonight!! :) do you need the address and phone number and stuff or do you already have it --let me know if you want me to email it to you! Wanna be my friend and hang out?? :D hehe

Mom said...

About creative writing B. What about just writing the story of one of the park guys, change his names and add some details you know nothing about(or mix two characters together into one ficitonal character etc). Write about what you know so much about and care about. It will come out as YOU and as powerful as it can be.
(James Herriot's vet stories are all "fiction", as he wrote on the forward. And ofcourse, everyone believes they are true...except his wife who was really angry that he wrote about her being dark haired and a farmer's daughter when she was far from it!!)

Janna said...

hey Beth, just so you know...little Katy and Latí went to Spain two weeks ago with their father,to live with him and their "mother". Rosa has been a mess. i understand how you feel about fiction (although I know you love to read it). I barely ever read it (let alone write it) cause for me there is more than enough drama in real life, i can barely handle all the drama sometimes. :)
i'm looking forward to my visit home too...but you ARE going to write me an email before I get there right? I mean, November is a long ways off...
(oh yeah, and that last preachy part of my email was totally for you dude, I chuckled to myself and though of you as I finished off- wouldn't want to disappoint!!) love ya.

Janna said...

oh yeah...and I'm going to replace your Guyasamin paintings. I was sad to see them go, the place hasn't changed that much since you left in january but I had moved the paintings downstairs cause I like them and they remind me of you.