Sunday, September 25, 2005

happy anniversary, everyone. hey, its ok if people in our tactile worlds don't understand why we are a little mopey today. it's common experience, if they don't ask to hear more after we breathe the loaded sentence "it was a year ago today"...they don't understand. london coach...i met brent, and remember bj, daveo, jonathan lugar and zach turpin (he was wearing a blue hat. i thought he was staff, and really annoying at that) (is it weird that i don't remember anyone else?) kim lee, mark thomas, chelsea douce ("ecuador? you're kidding, right?")...of course, the roomates, jin, kellyn and bekah...who else do i remember from that first night? i don't even remember what the first meal was. though, i think, i ate it in dining room 2. i dont think i moved out of dining room 2 for the first three weeks, actually. i DO remember the first time i sat at a table with Kristina Swenson, though. i thought she was wacky. Then, term 2 i got her as a roomate and i didn't know the half of it :-) this is all disconnected. this is all irrelevant. go read j's blog to read something really poignant about the first anniversary. that's good stuff

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